2020 Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar for Private Foundations Sponsored by El Pomar Foundation

11th annual

Proudly Sponsored by
El Pomar Foundation

Strengthening Colorado through Grantmaking & Community Stewardship

This Seminar

...is designed for trustees/directors, officers and other managers of private foundations to assist them in understanding and complying with tax laws.
...will provide detailed materials concerning current problems faced by donors and foundation managers, valuable to all in foundation management.
...will deliver practical, useful managerial information, including impact of recent and proposed IRS initiatives and legislative changes.
...will examine the IRS's perspective on current private foundation issues.
...will help attendees determine what works and what doesn't in managing private foundations.
...will highlight often overlooked rules that may affect your foundation.
..will address the "hot issues" of the day for foundations, such as governance policies, compensation, use of alternative investments, real estate holdings and non-traditional grantmaking approaches.
...features discussions of real-life issues along with question-and-answer sessions with nationally known tax lawyers.

These polished presenters always provide the most up-to-date information, both in their presentations and written materials. El Pomar Foundation’s excellent staff and unique facilities, at the base of the Rockies, and with the Broadmoor as a neighbor are an unbeatable combination.
Hank Harbaugh | Trustee | The Oxley Foundation

Penrose House Conference Center

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Penrose House is a conference center available to Colorado's nonprofit sector.

I have served as counsel to the Hoyt Foundation for close to 40 years. For the last 10 years I have also been president of the foundation. Early on, I attended a number of tax seminars which touched briefly on private foundations but were primarily aimed at public charities. Candidly, most of the subjects did not relate to private foundations. At one of those seminars Washington, D.C. I lunched with Bruce Hopkins who told me about a relatively new seminar exclusively for private foundations at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA. I attended and, at that time, there were only 15-20 attendees. That seminar was extremely beneficial to me, primarily because the faculty were experts and were able to convey their expertise very well. When the Salk Institute decided to go in a different direction, that expert faculty created the Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar for Private Foundations. I find the law relative to private foundations to be somewhat counter-intuitive and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to navigate this field on my own. Therefore, I view this seminar as a necessity to do the work my board requires of me. Not only do I learn the law, I also learn when to recognize issues for which I need guidance. This is a great seminar and I will continue to attend in the future.
Charles Mansell | President and General Counsel | May Emma Hoyt Foundation