2022 Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar for Private Foundations Presented by El Pomar Foundation

13th annual

      Policies of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Tax 
Seminar for Private Foundations

1. To encourage the free exchange of information through presentations, questions, and discussions, no recording of the sessions of the seminar will be allowed, whether by participants, registrants, or members of the press.
2. Every effort will be made by the faculty members to answer all of the questions posed by registrants, but with the understanding that such questions and answers do not create any attorney-client relationship with the faculty members and are provided for educational purposes only.  Presentations and answers to questions are not intended to constitute legal advice or a recommended course of action in a specific organization’s situation, and registrants should engage and consult qualified legal counsel before taking any action discussed during the Seminar.
3. As required by the Treasury Department, none of the written materials provided by the seminar to the registrants or others may be used in the promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax shelter or other transaction, arrangement or matter or for the avoidance of any penalties that may be imposed under the Internal Revenue Code or any other applicable tax law.
4. The sponsors of the seminar will, upon request, assist any registrant in obtaining professional education credit for attending the seminar, but cannot assure registrants that such credit will be provided and cannot assume any costs associated with obtaining credit of this type.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact Kyle H. Hybl: 719/577-5867.

We thank you for your participation in this year’s seminar.


Policy on Recording

The Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar for Private Foundations is designed to be an informal forum for the exchange of information among speakers, trustees or directors, foundation staff members, and governmental representatives.  Its purpose is to advance knowledge of and compliance with the many federal and state laws and regulations affecting private foundations and similar organizations.  Experience has shown that the free and open exchange of information is inhibited if audio or video recordings are made of presentations by speakers and of question and answer sessions among speakers and guests.  Accordingly, it is the policy of the Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar that no speaker or attendee may record the presentations or question and answer sessions, even if for one's own use, and that any speaker or attendee who violates this policy will be required to leave the Seminar if he or she is unwilling to comply and to erase any recordings made contrary to this policy.  El Pomar Foundation, as sponsor of the Seminar, reserves the right to require any speaker attendee to surrender to it any recording made in violation of this policy.